Monday, August 22, 2011

No Gulag Yet!

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that all of you had wonderful weekends and during the last week.  I'm sure you have been canning or just busy in the garden or with families.

Well, I am still here.  I have not been issued a eviction from court or anything yet.  The mouth piece of this owner is just that, a mouth piece.  He is a relic from old school crooks, at one time, an embezzler from an auto dealership here in town some 15 yrs ago, and resides with the crook owner who gives him a job as he cannot find any job in town that will take him.
I blow everything off, but I will tell you, the thought of court has me on edge.  I have enough going on anyway, and then to go to court so the whole town knows what is going on so gossip and more gossip goes around.  I try to just go on, but my brain is in high gear and I'm on edge mentally.  I have been canning, as I have to, to keep up with the garden.  I have started my physical therapy so I can get some health issues under control before I can start cancer testing, which will be in October sometime.  I will tell you though, it is wonderful to have quiet, and peace next door from the NFH to the south.  But I am worried of who will go in next....The whole neighborhood including the house neighbors are relishing in the quiet also, at least for a little while, but are worried about what will be next?

Since the NFH incident with the mail box, I have changed everything to go to my box at the UPS store.  I used to get a few things here but no more.  We are missing a bank statement for my parents, who I handle their bills, and we are sure it was in the mail when the NFH took the mail.  I notified the bank, and they have everything flagged, and made a request from the police for fraud or identity theft also on my parents behalf.  So I guess if she goes to jail, I'm sure I'll get it from the owner on this too.  Time will tell.

Well, I need to get ready to go to physical therapy this morning, then home to more canning.  I have some cucumbers I need to do something with, and then I need to clean the kitchen and laundry room.  The kitchen looks like a disaster area, and the stove is horrid, from canning.   So this is on the agenda next.

I will post photos of canning and the garden.  The garden is winding down some, and I have lost some squash to the bugs as usual. 

I wish everyone a wonderful and productive week.  I will post later.