Monday, August 8, 2011

stormy weather and canning

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing well.  Its the beginning of the week and hopefully a productive and safe week for all of you.

I am sorry for the delays in posting but I have been canning, and freezing some produce.  With great anticipation, we finally got our corn people in from a community about 80 miles east of us.  They produce some of the best corn around, and what I like about their corn is:  ITS AWESOME. and not too many WORMS!  I have been freezing this corn, I blanch first, then I use my vacuum sealer and bag it.  I wanted to can some, but personally, I am starting to get POOPED.  I have been doing tomatoes, and cucumbers, and freezing some peppers, and canning a  few, but I am starting the old, "I tired of the garden routine",  which I shouldn't be like that, I enjoy the produce and the harvest, but damn, my back is sure screaming, especially this year.  So I have just been doing small batches, getting things together, and then I get another batch, and get it canned.  I won't be able to get it all, and if I have leftovers, or the neighbors have leftovers, I will donate this to the food pantries and the homeless shelter. I would like to do some sweet pepper spread, and a few things that I have never tried before, and then I think that I will slow down.

We had a nasty storm yesterday evening, and it rolled through and made a lot of noise, and of course, it had some hail in it, but it was small hail, and not a bad wind behind it to drive the hail through the garden.  We had another a few hours ago tonight,  a tiny one, it made a lot a noise also, but it blew just south of us and is being naughty down the way.  During the night, we had a nasty cloud go over, the clouds were very ominous looking, and the lightning was terrible, but no thunder, just a few piddles of rain drops.  We had a storm last week and we got about 3/4 inch of rain, but that was about it.

Well, other than that, that is just about it in a nutshell.  I will post photos of canned stuff and corn.  Right now, I am totally pooped and am seriously thinking of bed and read a little and then ZZZZZZZZZ.

Good Night Everyone