Friday, September 7, 2012

Murphy's Law or "Houston, we have a problem"

Good Morning Everyone,

Well....I really should be in surgery or coming out of it, but being Murphy's Law as it plays out in my life,  my surgery did not manifest itself today, but only delayed until the 20th of September.
I was making supper late, about 4:45 pm, I get a phone call from the doctor's office.  It was his surgical nurse that sets up the appointments and gets everything in order.

She asked if possible, I could just delay the surgery until a little later date in the month.  Then she told me that the doctor had two emergency surgeries scheduled right during the early morning on my surgery time,  but we could do it, BUT, it would be very late afternoon....WHAT!!!  It seems that all hell broke loose about mid afternoon at the doctor's office yesterday.

Its a no-brainer to me.  NO, I do not want a tired, exhausted doctor working on me after two long emergency surgeries and countless other interruptions.  So I rescheduled for the 20th and hopefully all of the bad karma will not fall on that day also, we'll see. 

I am a funny creature.  If someone is going to be playing exploratory surgery in my innards, I want a fresh-as-a-daisy doctor who will not cut off something  or poke holes in my innards if he has been up for 24 hours poking in someone else's innards.

I a not a trusting creature with physicians.  I know that they are healers, but I have also had physicians who were greedy and looked at me like a dollar bill for their new vacation home or new Beamer.
There is a part of me that is glad, but I am also going to have to get psyched up again as I had so much anxiety over this, but again, I am making a judgement call, and I am worried about me for a change and not a doctor's assembly line procedures.

We live in a small town and this doctor is the only doctor we have here that does female type surgeries, plus this doctor is on call to many other hospitals and clinics all over West Central Nebraska.  So you see, my call on him being fresh and not exhausted is I feel not being selfish or conceited.

I just want to thank all of you for all of your blessings, and karma.  I feel I have just been lying to all of you.  I am sorry, but again, I am funny about things being in my corner for a change, and this is one of them.  And I bet that some of you feel the same way.

Anyway, I have a few more weeks and then MAYBE I'll get this procedure done and out of the way.
Anyway, I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and much enjoyment.  It is delightfully cool here this morning, around 59*, and its suppose to get to around 76* today.  And tonight "drum roll", its supposed to get down to 39*!! WOO-HOO.
We still have no rain at all.  We are in extreme drought now, and I went to the grocery yesterday to get some things before surgery and WOW, prices, yikes, so I got my basics and toddled off.  I am glad I cook from scratch mostly and am somewhat sufficient from the pricey processed food. I still need to stock my pantry with dry milk and other stables but I am working on that and I should be set hopefully by October and set until spring.
Again, Thank you everyone, for your blessings and karma and thoughts, it means so very much to me, I am just sorry that I made a lie out of it, sorta.
Anyway, hugs to all and I will post another Countryside Magazine articles if I can find something interesting. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Surgery Friday

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well, I just got back from doing pre-op blood work and all of the other nasties that you have to do before surgery.  I am scheduled to go in at 6:45 am tomorrow morning. Yuck!
I am hoping that I can just get through it and get home.  My only problem is I get very sick from the anesthesia, and it is the most awful thing that I hate about surgery.
So I will pray for healing and be able to get back to normal soon.
I will try to post another article from the Countryside Journal. I will see how I feel.
I wish everyone a up coming wonderful weekend and take care