Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I apologise for my absence.  I have had several family, medical  and legal issues that I have had to attend to.  I am working on some posts and photos of plants waking up and  coming alive.  But my family issues come first and foremost.  There is only me.  I have started working, then get home, and be totally exhausted and brain dead, until I couldn't think.  It has started to slow down, issues being resolved and getting back on track.

Sunday, we got about a half inch of cold rain.  It was very chilly. about 48* F.  Monday, it warmed right into the mid 70's and yesterday, we broke a record of 78*F. Wow.  Toward the weekend, close to 80*. Double WOW.

I am working on some posts, and photos of plants.  I have started some heirloom tomatoes. Some Amish Paste, and Stupice.  I also have some Mortgage Lifters.  I am hoping with the heated seed mats, I can have better luck.  I also have some Jalapenos started, they are up and I hope that I can keep them up.

Other than is very boring, and very uneventful here, which I guess is ok.  I just do not have a lot going on at the moment with all of the other things that were going on.  It seems the days just blended together.  As it gets warmer, I am hoping to do more with the garden.

D and I are planning on laying out fencing on my south side, so I can extend the garden.  I found someone to help me to stretch the fence and lay posts in.  D is currently down with spine problems which put him down in bed for about a week, so I am going to tackle little bits at a time.  I just need help stretching the fence and getting everything wired up. 

Well, I need to run some errands, and work on posts later today or tonight.  I will get back later to all of you.