Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wow, August Already!

August 14
Good Afternoon Everyone,
I am sorry for late postings, but I am not going to lie to all of you.  I have been blue, depressed,  trying to get things done around the house and garden since it cooled down considerably, and I mean cooler, like 20-25* cooler and evening temps into the mid 40's.  I have been elated over the main air conditioner  NOT running.  When I have been canning and working in the kitchen, I have had the small window air conditioner running, which is a total blessing.  I can work, and keep most of the trailer cool.

I am finishing up cucumbers, and my house neighbor from across the  street, brought me some small peaches from her tree yesterday.  I was so happy.  They are still a little green, but I think tomorrow, I will be able to get to them.  I think there is enough for a few pints of spiced peach butter.  They were damaged from a hail storm we had a few months ago, but I can work around the blemishes and still make a nice butter.  Like I have mentioned before, I do not turn down free fruit from people.  I have been heaping mounds of cucumbers to our local food pantry, the homeless shelter, and the senior center.  I have never had as many cukes as I did this year.  They were amazing, and even though they are winding down, they are still very crispy, sweet and juicy, but I can only eat so many cucumbers so many ways.

But unfortunately, the rest of the garden was not good, but I appreciated everything I got from it.  I am still getting hot peppers, and I am just pickling them in small jars for salsa or a few pints of hot pickled cucumbers.  My tomatoes are just very slow and creeping along.  I am going to see how they are the end of this week, and then I may pull them.. I have Roma's ripening on the bottom, but on top, the tomatoes are small, slow and will never mature in time.  I am going to pull my acorn squash vines, and melon vines tomorrow, vine borers and some other bugs have gotten to them, so it is time.  I am going to let some of the acorn squash ripen a little more, and then I may cube up these and freeze these in small serving sizes or I may pressure can small jars.  Not sure if I can process squash or not.  I am the only one who eats it so I have enough for the year.

The kittens are doing so very well.  Dexter is growing and being a terror.  Little grey girl now has the name of "Sophie".  She is a little doll and has an attitude now.  She is very independent and somewhat demanding.  But after being at Mr. Dead's doorstep, she can have all of the attitude she wants.  I will get pictures of them during this week.  I need to get some batteries and I will post photos later of them.  They have really grown since the last post. They are eating very well, and are now discovering how to get into trouble and finding places to get into where they really aren't suppose to be, like my cupboards where I have all of my canning equipment  and jars.  Sophie the other day, got into one of my large half gallon jars and was playing in it.  A few weeks ago, when she was a little smaller, she got into a quart jar and hid from me, and I was panicking as I could not find her for a while until she tipped over the jar in the cupboard and I found where she was hiding.  These sweet babies have been my bright shining light to get me though the dark mood I have going on at the moment.

Like I have mentioned above, I have been somewhat blue.  I think it  was the heat, and just a lot of general going's on here.  I have a lot going on, even though, its minor, but trying to take care of several people's issues and problems, trying to make sure bills are paid, and food on the table.  And trying to pay for everything and keep your head above water is stressful, and yes I know I am not the only one. We are all in some way, in the same boat, just floating along trying to keep from being swamped by the large waves of life.

But, as I have been going around, doing errands, I have seen a great stress upon people's faces, and people are horridly temperamental here.  We have also had very, very bad things going on in town, a lot of vandalism, breaking windows out of cars and pickups and the sad thing is, that most of the windows were broken out around town in areas where people cannot afford window replacement.  They were close  in our area, but for some reason, they did not get down to our area, but they were close. We have had several stabbings and some murders outside of our area.   We have also had many grass and prairie fires, and our farmers and ranches are stressed from the heat, and cost of feed, and no water or rain, and up north, a huge prairie fire which took out thousands of acres of grass, and several thousands miles of fencing, and barbed wire and no money to replace the fencing.

I personally am worried about the up coming election and the frames of minds of people.  All of this stress, and demands and the continuing costs of everything has really brought an ugly cloud down upon all of us.  I just do not have answers, and all I can do it just keep doing what I am doing, and preparing for something that I am not sure will come down the pike or not.  I am very concerned that "something" is coming and it may not be good for anyone or the country as a whole.  I just see the strain upon every one's faces. 
As you can read, I am somewhat babbling.  That is the way I feel at the current moment.  Almost like I'm in Purgatory, feeling like I am half in and half out and not going anywhere.  I am hoping with the cooler weather that is supposed to be here Thursday, it may help perk up people's minds.  And it would really help if we would get some rain too!

Well, I think that I have babbled enough.  I hope that all of you in the drought areas get some of this cooler air we are supposed to get.  It is supposed to be here around Thursday, with the daytime temps in the 70's.  Wow!  Haven't seen 70's since early spring. Won't know how to act. And evening temps in the 40's and 50's. Definitely something to crow about.

I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful week.  And blessings be upon all,.