Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm still here

Well, I am  still here.  I had  my little "procedure" on Thursday morning, the 20th.  We got to the surgery center at 7 am, and I was not really awake, but I was crabby as I could not have tea or coffee or anything.  Got all prepped, and was wheeled in at 8:20 am and then at 9:30 am, I walked out the door, sore, alittle groggy, and glad it was over with. 
I am happy to report I did not get sick. I did however have a small migraine from not having any caffeine.  So when I stepped into the house,  I fixed a small cup of coffee, a little stronger than I usually drink and sipped on it and then I crawled into bed and slept most of the day and had a tiny bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup one of my house neighbors made for us for supper, which I felt was so special. Then off to bed again, and slept all night.

Had a small migraine in the morning but drank a cup of coffee and then a pain pill and then slowly the headache eased up. Still no upset tummy, which I was so happy about.  I was dreading the after affects of the anesthesia more than the biopsy itself.  I go back the first of October for results, which I hate waiting to know anything.

Friday, I got a call from the County assessors office.  The lady that called has worked with me several times before on my tax corrections on my modular.  She told me that the park is in the process of being sold.  She is starting to get abstract papers from the abstract company and she would call me next week to tell me what is going on, and what I need to do.  I may have to get my attorney after all.  Seems like the owner, who is also my banker, and holds my title,  was trying to toss my trailer into the sale, which he can't as I have had it tax corrected in 2006, and I pay my own property taxes on the trailer. I also have a  written contract on the trailer itself, so it will be a fight either way.  My attorney mentioned he can either buy the trailer back or cancel the contract.  The rest of the trailers are attached to the lots and and all connected to the park except for another trailer and myself.   So I am not sure how that is going to go.  I am gearing up for a fight, but I am waiting to hear from the assessors office first to see what is going on, and who the new owner(s) are.  Another waiting game on this too.

The garden is done for.  We are getting down in the 30's now.  It is supposed to get to 32* F tonight and so I covered the two patio tomatoes and the hot peppers but they are just about done producing. A few more days and I will pull those too.  Personally, I will be glad when this year gets over with. 
I have a lot of produce in the freezer to process later when it get colder.  Green tomatoes, red ones, and peppers. I am going to try Ilene's chow-chow recipe she sent me.  Thank you Ilene.

I have been waiting to see if my other house neighbor, who has the huge garden, will ask if I want any more tomatoes. He has been waiting for his ex-wife and some other people from his church to come and pick produce. He thinks that they have been over, but since we are home most of the time, we have not seen anyone over picking.  I hate waste of anything, and I could use the extra tomatoes for my pantry.  I had asked him (the neighbor) if I could pick some, but he keeps telling me that the ex will be by to pick.  She is just starting to learn to can and she is not a serious student of the home arts, and generally by the time the house neighbor asks me if I want them, they are too far rotten to process.  I know a few years ago, he asked me and I went over to look, but everything was rotten, or the hoppers had eaten holes in everything and then some kind of worm got in them and I was not going to process worms.  He was a little upset with me, but there is  nothing I can do about it.  I told him that you cannot wait too long to can.  He is a nice neighbor, but ignorant about canning and processing food.

Well, that is about it for now.  I am still tired at the end of the day, I think still from the anesthesia.  We got done with supper and I think that I am going to take my shoes off and sit my hind end in the chair and read.  I have a new Mother Earth News, so I will read and then retire a little later.
I will also take photos of the kittens , Dexter and Sophia.  They are growing and becoming very independent.  Sophie has gotten some attitude now, she is a fighter and it shows.  But she is a doll and I love her. ( I just added their photos, D had to hold them, they wanted to explore and wiggle).

Well, I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend, and a productive week.