Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow all gone

Good Morning everyone,

I hope that all are having a great week and getting gardening and home matters going and in order. 
We are unfortunately in a very unsettled spring/cold pattern that is very wet, and it borders with snow and rain and sleet, very drippy so say the least.

I am SOOOO very behind in gardening.  In fact it is pretty bad.  Too wet to do anything, and my problem is here where I live, the owners do nothing about the water and standing water that is around.  This park is not code ready or even close.  It is very uneven ground, and has never been leveled or maintained at all so we have nothing but water, water.  And nothing can be done about it as the owners will not do anything anyway.

I am hoping that if it dries out some, I will bring my blue tubs around the front and work under the carport and get my strawberry roots in at least.  I have got to do this in the next day or two or I will loose them.  I will keep them around my north side for now, and move them later to the back for the sun.  I also have to put in some shallots and a few onions, but it has been so wet and muddy, I cannot even get through the back to have my garden man come and roto till my spot.  I am afraid it is going to be like last year, where it was a cool summer to start out and I had to use greenhouse plastic on and off throughout the summer for anything to get going.  Everything was very late, in mid August and September and some of my tomatoes clear into October.  It was crazy.

I thought I would post some after photos of the no snow thing.  The snow started to melt Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday, it was gone.  The only nice thing about spring snow storms, it goes quickly.

Really not much else going on, being so wet and cold.  You just cannot get out to do anything.  But I will start to work my strawberries and shallots at least.  I know we need the moisture, but it sure puts a damper on gardening when you do depend on what you grow.  And I am afraid that I will be unable to use the south side of my trailer because of the new south people who moved in.  We had the cops there Sunday afternoon, three cars to be exact, and it got a little ugly.  I didn't even know about it, (I was cleaning house, and had the shop vac going and I couldn't hear anything anyway) but one of my house neighbors called me that she called the cops as the male was beating the woman and the kids as they were going out the door, so I am going to just garden to my north and I will have to spray weeds on the south and not do anything until they are kicked out or move.  The male is violent and I am not going to be on the receiving end.  I will tell you if I ever was, you would probably be reading my blog in prison as I would hurt him real bad....

Anyway,  I am trying to catch up with laundry and things I didn't get done while I was ill, so I will talk to everyone later, and have a great week.