Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring

Good Afternoon friends,

I hope that all are enjoying some type of spring activity, whether gardening, or cleaning something up around the home.
I have been out and I am finding some green around the place coming up, I'm shocked that some things have survived the cold as I didn't do a good job of mulching but everything seems to be doing its thing and starting to show some glorious green color, but it is not enough to get decent photos of for you.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was having some big problems with my blog and gmail account.  A few weeks ago, I ran some items on Craigslist to get rid of in my area, and then all of the sudden, I started getting email from Craigslist that someone outside the US was accessing my Craigslist account and posting all sorts of crap all over.  I was getting very vulgar email from people I didn't know chewing on me  about posting on their account, and soon it got out of control, so I deleted my gmail account, but somehow, it deleted my blog account also.  I spent most of Friday and Saturday, on and off, trying to find my blog, and recover it.  I would stop a bit as I would get frustrated, and po'd and then start over.  Finally after supper, I was able, I think to recover everything.

So If you notice something off with the blog, please let me know.  I show my ignorance with blogging and computers and technical stuff, and get somewhat very frustrated with things when I do not understand.  I was worried that with some idiot getting my craigslist account, that they would be doing some illegal, demented stuff, and then I would have the NSA and the CIA and what ever else government entity  on my door because of some jerks posting off in some foreign land.  So I stopped it as I could do it, and hopefully not have anymore problems, second, I will never use Craigslist every again, that is final.

So, other than that, I am going to try to get outside this afternoon to see what I can do, maybe try to move some stuff if it still isn't encased in ice yet,  I will try to start some new seeds, some of the seeds I started were no good from my old stash, so I will chuck those.  I started seeds from some of my blogging friends and they are doing very well.  I don't want to get too much ahead of the weather, even though its getting warm, we still get cold, wet, snowy weather and just one of those will take out your garden and all of your work out in an instant, so I'm trying not to get too excited.

I will also try to find something interesting to take photos of, I do not have much coming up at the moment, but I am sure very soon, I will.

Well, everyone, I will take leave of you and I think that I will head out for a little bit, and enjoy the warmth, I have the windows open in the house, and the cats are running around and bouncing off of the walls at the moment. I wish I had their energy.

Have a great weekend and upcoming week.