Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I just wanted to post that I will be on a Sabbatical for a little while.  My dad has a stroke on Sunday morning and I have been hitting the ground (barely) for the last 48 hours.  We had a small blizzard Sunday morning, and it took me a little while to get to my parent's house. The med unit picked him up and took him to the ER. And at 1:15 pm, and in a snow storm,  I had him transported to a wonderful hospital about 100 miles away that has a neuro unit for stroke patients. His status is better than he was on Sunday, but he will need very intense physical therapy, care  and help as his left arm and leg is not working.  I talked to his day nurse this morning and she told me his strength as improved a 360* from Sunday when she got him on her floor. He is able to feed himself, but needs help with the bathroom and other things.  So, I have been stressed, and since I am the only one to be able to do things, its been a flood of emotions, but I have been trying to be like a rock, as my mother is not taking this too well.  She has her moments as she cannot remember what happened or where he is.
The hospital put me in touch with a RN who does home health and house checks, so I don't need to worry about my mother while I am gone to Council Bluffs with this hearing.  I will be stopping by the hospital tomorrow to talk with the doctors and the case worker who is handling my dad's care.  I will know better at that time, what is going on. And then on to the WC hearing and I hope that I can keep my composure as this will be just as intense.
I ask for strength, and prayers from all.  I feel the love and strength and karma.
I will keep you posted.
Love and Hugs