Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back from the Dead (Walking Dead, that is)

Just a very quick pop-in.  I am still here, have had many trials, tribulations, and nerve-wracking moments, but I AM still here.

I have an appointment with the attorney tomorrow at 10 AM, and I will find out if we are in the closing moments of this draining, emotional element with my parents.  My next emotional moment will be December 10th, as I go to court to petition the court for guardianship/conservator over both parents.  It has been a hell of a rodeo, and in the mean time, dealing with both parents and their emotional problems and needs. 
I will compose more over the weekend and keep you posted. 

Thank you for all of your understanding, and thoughts, prayers, karma, comments.  I will touch base later.
Hugs to All