Saturday, September 24, 2016

Under the weather but back at it.

Good Evening Everyone,

Again, my apologies for the absence. I had not been feeling well for quite some time, and this summer, was by far the worst I had felt. I took it that I was still recuperating from my care giving duties but was getting increasingly more ill, and then could not keep food down and was in a lot of pain.  I, reluctantly went to the Doctor, and went in for some testing, including imaging, and blood work, and come to find out, my Gallbladder was running at a poor 6%. Its supposed to run at around 35%. No wonder I felt bad. I was very concerned as I have had thyroid cancer in 1998 and worried that I had liver or some other cancer. In June, I had a colonoscopy and had one very small pre cancer that was taken out.  So, September 8th, I had surgery, and am now just starting to be able to sit and do some things. I am just now starting to drive again. Driving was a little painful, hitting bumps in the road. The Doctor thought that all the stress of care giving had finally caught up with me and I am now paying the fiddler.  I am hoping that I start healing and get on with life.

Other than that, very little going on at home. D is still disabled from his bull encounter, and work comp is still playing games. He has a new attorney, the other pulled out from under him, and we had to scramble to find a new qualified attorney. We did, and its pretty much square one again.  Its a tiresome game.

Our community is going down the loo, so to speak.  The Agriculture business, which is the heartbeat in our State is failing, corn and wheat prices are very weak, the railroad is laying off employees, and our town is now just a pool of dead water.  I know I think I mentioned that we talked about moving, but since D's work comp is not settled, and the real estate market is poor here now, I doubt we could sell the house. So we're making the best of it here as well as we can. At least we have a roof over the head and my sewing brings in a little income, so I can pay bills and put food on the table.  A Blessing that I'm getting well and hopefully stay that way.

I hope that all of you are doing well.  I have missed blogging, but sewing takes a lot of my time to make a living, so that has to come first. But I finished up sewing projects  yesterday, and I thought before I rest for the night, I would pop in, say "hi" and that I'm still here. 
I miss all of you and what all of you have been up to.  I hope to keep up with all, since I feel better.

Well, I'm tired, a unfortunate side effect from surgery, its getting better, but I tire pretty easy, so I will bid all a good evening, and a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Love and Hugs to All