Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cool, delightful and some rain

Well, good afternoon everyone,
Well its *almost* afternoon anyway, for me.

The last few days, starting last Thursday, it was so nice and cool, in the low 70's F, with the night time temps into the low 50's F.  It was so nice to shut off the A/C, and open the windows.  I was even able to shut off the cat bungalow A/C and open their window and put in the window fan.
Tuesday night, we had a somewhat nasty thunderstorm roll through, it was a nasty looking cloud, dark green/grey, and we has 70+ mph wind roll through.  We got over an inch and a half of rain, which we needed so badly.  This morning, we are getting drizzle/light rain and its cool, but humid for my taste.  I hate the humidity, it makes me drained in energy and I sweat buckets, but I like the cool air.

My garden is doing very well.  Still no tomatoes as of yet.  They are very, very late.  They are nice sized, but not turning.  I am getting very nice cucumbers, and squash, but I got bugs and so I am just going to enjoy the squash until the bugs get the best of the plants and then I will pull them.  I have wonderful Cayenne peppers but they are not turning red yet either.  I am going to dry these and have Cayenne pepper powder for the year.  Everything is slow, late but doing well.  I am going to make a trip to the farmers market this Saturday and pick up some things, like green beans, and maybe a few tomatoes until mine decide to do something.  I make cucumbers and onions in a creamy Italian/dill dressing.  It smells Divine but I have not eaten it yet.  I am going to fix chicken breasts tonight and have these cucumbers for salad.  All I do for the dressing is get a package of the Good Seasons Italian dressing mix, some mayo, and dill weed or seed, put in a glass bowl, and mix the dressing mix with a little vinegar, and put in the mayo, and fix to your taste.  I let it sit overnight to develop the flavor and then serve.  I usually cover it as the smell of vinegar gets into the frig, but its good.  I also like to use a raspberry vinaigrette also. I made enchalidas last night for supper, they were awesome, and I make extras to freeze and have later.  I am going to wrap these up later this afternoon and get them put away.

Everything is quiet on the homefront.  I have had very little issues this week.  So I will take this as it comes and hope that it does stay quiet for a while at least.
Other than that, its been delightful.  I have gotten a few things done, still more to do.  I am currently trying to wash, dry and iron a lot of linens and hand embroidered items of my g-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mom's.  I am washing, and bleaching some items, and hanging them to dry on the line, then I am ironing some.  They have been put away for a long time, and are yellowed but they have come clean and bright.  Some items, I used the good old fashioned blueing that we still can find around here.  I soak some items in it and everything is white and bright.  My grandmother swore by it for white sheets and pillowcases.  All this will take time, but I am getting down the pile.
Well, I had better go.  Not too much to inject at the moment.  I am just basking in the quiet and peacefulness at the moment.
I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week, a wonderful weekend.

Love and Hugs to All