Friday, January 21, 2011

Round 2 snow maker

Good Morning everyone,

Thank you for your kind comments about Miss Nubbins.  She is my little star and one of my favorites, though I love my kitties equally, she has a very special place in my heart.
I had some questions about how she got to that point, and to tell you the truth, Doc and I weren't real sure.  Doc had an general idea, as when she was brought in, she smelled heavily of diesel fuel, and had dirty motor oil all over her coat.  She also came off of a ranch around the area, and when Doc did an inspection of the legs that were sliced, there was some metal filings on the bone, and he was piecing a theory that the trucks were brought in from the ranch, put in the barn, the engines were hot and this happened in Dec of 2000 and if I remember it was running -30 below wind chills so she went up into the engines to get warm.  This happens quite a bit, more than people want to know.
I will assure you she was a mess when I got her, and she was very, very tiny, which is why she survived, Doc said, she was bounced around in the engine  block like a ping pong ball when the engine was started up. Doc's guess was she was up on the radiator on the top of the engine and she bounced from the top to the fan. It was also very cold and the cold stopped the blood from flowing and helped until she was placed with Doc.   I think I will stop there.

Well, sounds like snow again here.   And for my readers in the south, it sounds like it will migrate down your way like the last batch we had here Wednesday.  Only this time, we are to get the 30+ mph winds which make it cold and miserable, and more like a blizzard.  So more cabin fever this weekend.  I have some of my seed order made out,  I am trying to try a few new tomatoes, and some peppers, what I am dealing with is the fact of time and my physically able to do all of this.  I don't want to give up gardening, I would be a complete stark raving idiot, but I do know that this year, I am having much more back pain and I now have a hip that is really giving me fits, and doctor mentioned that I am way too young to have a hip surgery,  and it wouldn't even be attempted unless I fell and broke the hip which would put me out of commission.  But I want to be able to garden and handle things.  That is why I am working on the idea of a more accessible raised beds using stair stringers to elevate some of the beds up so I can get to them without bending.  I do know that I can only afford to build a few, so these I am planning will be for greens and spinach and will be designed as to make a simple cold frame or hoop house and be able to cover them with greenhouse plastic.  Then next year I will tackle more and a little different for tomato and peppers and other sturdy garden plants.  My plan is simply to built with comfort in mind and more efficient with water, possibly able to hook up a type of drip irrigation system so I just have to have a hose hook up and then just turn on the hose. I also want to build them so they can be taken apart if I ever move this trailer someday.   Ah, best laid plans of mice and men.

Really other than the snow and cold going on, there really isn't much.   I have some people that moved into the trailer to the south of me, and I don't think that they will stay very long.   They were moved in only 2 days and on Sunday, I could hear them fighting clear through my house, though we are very close, so I knew that this would end up doing something later and I was right.  Sunday evening about 5 pm, they were outside screaming with several other people, and I do not put up with any of that at all,  I'm not going to listen to the words and screaming that I heard. So, I called the cops and it didn't take very long for a unit to get over there, and after that, they don't even make a sound.  They are in and out and gone in very short order.  We'll see how this goes.  We have 3 new bunches and they are all kids, so, that should tell you how that will go.  Usually not very good, especially when it gets warm and the party weather gets going. Time will tell, and I will give them the benefit of a doubt.

Well, I guess I had better get going, Need to run some errands before it SNOWS again.  Need to put some gas in the car, which I have heart failure when I do.  I only put  in about $20 worth, as I don't drive too much.  And sometimes I just use the Handi-bus if I don't have too much to do.
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, enjoy and we will talk to all later.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the left of the blog is a photo of a cat, Little Miss Nubbins, and she is a rescue from Pawsitive Partners over 11 yrs ago.
When I got the call on her, she was about 6-7 wks old, and was VERY badly damaged from being tossed through a diesel engine and cutting off her right front leg, and if you look, you will also see her back legs cut off just below the hocks or the bend in the back legs. Her tail is cut off also.  The vet who got her was in total amazement of her strength, and the will to live, she would cuddle him when he would doctor her.  The vet was a classmate of my mother's and I got the call from him to take her, and help her heal.  My mother told him of my care I do, and he did not have the heart to put her to sleep because of this strength she possessed to go on.  So I went over to the office, was in total shock and in tears but was so impressed and in disbelief of her uncanny ability to get up and get around.  So after some consulting with Doc, and some ideas of care, I was off and running into something that I had never handled before.  She was the start of the care of disabled cats and pets that I do now.
She is 11 yrs old now, and can run and jump on the bed no less, can jump on the back of chairs and the sofa.  She is a true example of what animals can achieve when they must, and it shows us something also, how to survive when all else fails.
She is my shining star, and very sweet, but she is very spoiled, and is somewhat secretive, I was able to get a photo of her on the couch without her running.  She does not like her photo taken, and she has always been like this since her injuries.  She has been in the local paper a few times, and she isn't keen to the life of a celebrity.
I hope that she doesn't shock you, I assure you she is quite comfortable, and is a very happy kitty.  And is one of my star pupils.  And I learned quite a lot about faith and hope from her.  We should take a lesson from her.

Snow, cold, and cabin fever

Good Morning everyone.  I hope that everything is going well with all of you and your homes.

We had snow yesterday.  It started early Wednesday morning about 5 am.  And it would snow on and off light, then very heavy, then quit for a while then heavy.
Moral of the story, don't listen to the weatherman, especially the one we have.  You get a "snow job".  Have close to 7 inches of snow this morning, and its very cold,  -8 below with a wind chill of -25 below.  I'm not going out today.  

I had plans to go out later this morning to run a few errands, but I think not,  I wanted to get out and go have a cup of coffee out to just get out of the house as I have a major case of cabin fever, and it does not   help when you want to start some garden seeds and get things going a little.  I wanted to go get a grow light so I can start some herb seeds and place it in my kitchen but I am afraid that it will have to wait till the weekend.  Some of my blog I follow, they are starting their gardens and seeds, and I get so bummed out.  I was hoping to get to my cold frames and start laying them out so I can set up my lettuces and radishes and spinach  and get them covered, but they are under the porch and I have ice sealing up the space where I can get to the frames.  I am hoping that we will have a thaw toward the end of the month so I can at least get these set up and covered so I can get the soil warmed up.

Cabin fever is a multi-faceted term and for many people,  has many faces.  Funny thing is, I have plenty to do in the house, for one thing, start cleaning out rooms and get rid of "stuff" that is truly driving me buggy.  But I simply just need outside for a few hours to get some fresh air, and a change of scene, if only for a few hours.  We also have had 0 sun for over a week now, and that really bothers me.  It seems if the sun shines, I am better at staying in, than with no sun and cold and snow just makes me more blue.  My doctor told me to up my vitamin D.  I am some what bad on vitamins, I take them, but I can only afford certain ones on my little salary, so I take a whole food supplement, and a 2000 unit Vitamin D, which I am supposed to anyway since I have had cancer.  She also jumped on me to eat more fruit, but I informed her that fruit is unaffordable for me period, and it is beyond affordable here, and our fruit we get here I wouldn't let a parrot eat.  It is terrible and price wise is beyond my as well as others paychecks.  I have some peaches and apples and apricots that I canned last fall, and I do eat these, with my homemade yogurt, over my oatmeal, and I am in the process of starting some crocked fruit or "drunken fruit" as my grandmother called it.  It takes a little while to ferment, but its sure good over cake or ice cream.  All I need to do is just wander over to the liquor store and get a small bottle of brandy or another liquor and start it.  It will have to wait till payday though in February.  I also have dried fruit that I dried last summer and fall, from some fruit that I got from my prairie paks, so I usually dry these if I cannot eat them right off the bat.  I will see if I can do this crocked fruit and not have a lab experiment in the kitchen!  I will have photos to show progress.

Update:  The sun is shining now.  WOW,  I thought that it disappeared forever.

I also wanted to let you all know that when I changed my blogs name, somehow I created another blog site.  Now I am stupid when it comes to blogs, and  I deleted this "new" blog.  By some chance, if you go to something, and you have problems, email me and let me know.  I'll see if I can fix it.  Or I will probably delete something and it will disappear into the ozone and outer space.

Well, I should go do something, even if it's wrong.   I need to get some laundry done, and some dishes done.  It does not get done looking at it, though it would be nice.

So everyone, please have a great rest of the week, and a great weekend.