Monday, June 20, 2011

Wet Monday

Good Morning or Afternoon, everyone,  whichever it may be.

Well,  its wet here,  we had some pretty nasty storms roll through last night, one was just 14 miles south of us with baseball sized hail which I was praying it would not move north to us, but it did go east and pounded everyone down that end of the state.  As of this morning, it was still making its way across Nebraska, pounding and dumping inches of rain, especially where they do not need it with the Missouri flooding.  We do not need pails of rain either, though we need rain, we are in bad flooding from the North Platte river and its pretty wet and full of mosquitoes, you don't spend too much rime outside unless you want to be carried off by biting bugs, or use tons of poison spray on you, or get West Nile virus.

Since its pretty wet out, I cannot get out in the garden to prune some tomatoes back.  So I am inside today running the dehydrator to dry some cilantro for my salsa later this year.  I buy cilantro from the grocery whenever they get it in, which is few and far between, so when the grocery gets it in, I grab what I can and wash it in baking soda and rinse and then cut the stems off, and place in my racks.  I save the stems and dry those and then run them through a coffee grinder to make a powder to put some in my salsa to add more flavor to the salsa or my homemade taco sauce or enchilada sauce.
I will try to set up a recipe section when I get closer for my sauce recipes, my sauces are not hot, but they do pack flavor from the garden salsa peppers I use and the cilantro.  You do not need too much cilantro in a quart of salsa, as it packs a punch in flavor.  I would grow cilantro myself, but with my garden reduced in size this year, I cannot use the south side, but next year, I hope that I can.  I will grow in containers and then cover them with netting to keep the caterpillars out of the dill and cilantro as they love to eat everything down to the roots.  Til then, I am forced to buy from the grocery.  Even the farmer's market vendors don't grow it.  Too much work.

Really other than that, not too much going on.  Pretty quiet, shocking, isn't it!  Especially in my neighborhood.
I am just working around the house, it seems pretty erratic,  I'm in one room and work for a little while, then I get bored and then move to another room and work there for about an hour, then go outside and work there for a while then come in and start back with the beginning room I was on.  I do get things done, but its pretty ADD.

Well,  I think that I will go and have some lunch,  I fixed colored pasta yesterday, and mixed salad shrimps and the fake crab into a seafood pasta salad, so that is on the menu then I have to run my mom around for a few errands this afternoon, so I will get all of this done, and then find something else to get into trouble with, lol.

Take care everyone and have a great week in what ever you are planning to do.