Thursday, December 27, 2018

Persistance pays off

Hello from the Purgatory of the Nether regions in the cyberworld, After many attempts, and finally logging on through Google through my phone, I got access, changed passwords and tah-dah.
This will be a very short post, just trying to get the feel of blogger again, and seeing if I can re-establish myself in the huge pond of blogs, with my dull little world. I hope I can find all of you lovely bloggers I left. Maybe find new ones too

It is blizzarding like crazy here as we speak. wind is blowing 50+ mph, not much snow on the ground, but its blowing, making it a "white out", or you can't see your hand in front of your face. Just a good day to stay in, and repair your blog or enjoy home with tea and homemade carrot/raisin cake.

Now that the blog is back up, hopefully, I'm not sure what direction I should go with it. My life has had very significant changes, sabbaticals and all manner  of stress and doubt. I live an extremely boring, dull life, and I am somewhat home bound, because of vision injury and changes, so I have to look at things differently, so to speak, but maybe with guidance and starting to blog and get the hang of it, the "it" I'm looking for will emerge. I will post more about whats happening later. I am breathing though.

Well, world, here I am, and I will try to stay a part of this cyber world of blogging.

Hugs All!!!