Saturday, September 21, 2013

update info on flooding

Good Morning Everyone,
Sept 20th.
I checked the flood marker at the bridge where it goes into the main part of the community off of the I-80 corridor and its at 5.69 ft as of 7 am this morning.  It will start arriving later this morning and be a full river by lunch time.  The care center where my dad is, is on stand-by to evacuate the residence to the church in the event the water starts crawling up the bank of the river.  I was going into town early this morning as I just looked that I was out of canning jar lids and so its a mad dash to get some and check my mom and then a mad dash home again.  I was going to try to get some photos, but I think that everything will be blocked off and too much traffic will be going on, so I will wait to see if I can get something later, if we are not all doing the back stroke or as Max in Colorado told me, paddling on a surfboard.
I just want to thank all of you for prayers, support and just being here, its wonderful knowing that people from all over the world share in what goes on in your little part of the world.

Update 9-21

We are all ok and the river is somewhat within its banks.   I just checked NOAA's web site and at noon (its 12:45 pm now, it was 13.83 ft.  They are possibly looking at a record of 14 ft at its crest.  Everything is holding though, and my dad is still at the care center on stand-by to evacuate.  I will blog later in the weekend and let you know what went on, but we are all ok, and the bridges are holding, and sewer drains are holding.
Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers.  I send thoughts, prayers to the folks to the west of me in Colorado. 
I will try to get some photos if I can get somewhat close to the bridge.  There are a lot of people out my way, oogling over what is going on.  The traffic is horrid, so I think I may wait until next week to catch some photos.  We will continue to have high water for the week.
I will try to have a better post hopefully Sunday. Until then, love and hugs to all.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Checking in

Good Morning,

I am up, checking in on the NOAA web site about the flood waters coming down the pike from Colorado.  We should start seeing water rise this morning sometime.

I went yesterday and before going home, stopped and took photos of the South Platte river, as best as I could.  We have a bridge that spans the river to the west of my home, this is Buffalo Bill Avenue.  This particular bridge is what the city is worried about as it has never been in a flood before, it was built about two years ago, and this will be a test to see if it holds up, big question.
The city is talking of shutting down this road.  As you can see by the photos, if you can, that this  river will be full when the water starts coming down, it will possibly crest at 13.5 ft or 14 ft. They are just not sure.  We are just holding on that the water will not pass the I-80 corridor which is the interstate that crosses the state. The interstate is north of me.  I was trying to take some photos of the interstate yesterday, but there were several cops, state patrol and I got the "don't stop" look and so moved on.  I am surprised that I was able to get over the river bridge to get photos.

I assure you that this will be full by Friday morning.  I stopped by the care center to see what was in place for the residences  there, including my dad, they are on the plan to move residents to a large church close to my parents home and they will be placed there.  I have to go in the morning and pack a small bag for my dad of clothing and other needs and they will start transporting maybe Friday sometime.  They are just not sure.  I have to stand by to see if my mom will be ok, also, as their home is just down from the care center.  Its just a wait and see, but I am sure if the water even shows anything, everyone will be moved.  I have to see how it will be for us, to see if the water starts to cross the interstate, and then if they start blocking roads, I have no way to get to the folks.  The care center is right next to the river, but it is up higher, but still something you do not wait around and wait and see attitude.
This will be a nerve wracking weekend.  We have had flooding, several years ago, but it was the North Platte river, which is north of us.  This time, its the South Platte, and lots of business is located south.  Again, its a wait and see and then rush like mad to get moved to higher ground.  The city should of been working on this the next day after the news of the Colorado flooding.  I love the fact of the government being the last to do anything to help prepare.  Sandbags could of started being made available to people to start working on this, and now, many of the small towns and villages are not ready.  On our local news, the small towns are just starting Tuesday night and Wednesday sand bagging around their communities.  Way to go.

I will post as I can, and keep up to date the best as I can.  Until then,  I am still here, and am praying.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Preparing for flood waters

Good Morning Everyone,

I am sorry for the huge gap in posting but I am sure everyone knows about what is going on here with my life and the parents and just general everyday going-on's.

I first want to post that we may be getting the deluge of rain that Colorado has gotten, and it will come by way of the South Platte river which is north of me and we also have another river to the north of town called "North Platte" river which comes out of Wyoming and the two rivers meet just to the east of town to fully form the South Platte river system. The community sits right between both of them, (thank you Union Pacific railroad for planning this when you built the railroad through here).   We have been watching very closely, what is going on and  may have to make plans about moving or evacuate.  I hope not, but we do not know.  I know, I just moved and this comes up. I am also concerned as my dad's care center is right next to the South Platte river and they may move the residents somewhere else.  I would not want to move my dad with his ill tempered attitude.

I have just left the Eco Cat Lady's blog, she is on my blog list, and she is ok, which I am very happy about.  I wasn't sure where she was at in Colorado, so she is ok.  But she mentioned to me in comments that Ft Morgan, which is located somewhat east/north east of Denver, that it is flooding at the moment and Ft Morgan is about 3 hours from me, so we'll just keep an eye on things and hope for the best and plan for the worst. I will keep you posted what is going on.

Other that hoping that we will not get our feet wet, or do the back stroke, not much is going on. I have been canning, and making salsa, and just putting up the tomatoes that are finally turning.  I know by the end of September, the plants will be done for, they are already turning brown and sad looking on the bottoms.  We also had a small hail storm about two weeks ago, and we had golf ball sized hail and that did not help either, though they rode  through it pretty well, the plants did get pounded into the ground some.  This was not a good year for tomatoes around here, though they did ok and taste really good, I am going to plant different varieties since I have a garage where I can put up my greenhouse and lights and heat mats and start better plants that way.  What I planted this year was just what I could find because we were moving at that moment in time,  many people planted gardens and then it got very cold and wet for Spring, and then had to re-start gardens and there just was not any plants left anywhere in the town at any  place, including Wally, so it was just whatever you could get your hands on. Hopefully next year, I will plan a better garden, since I just threw in willy-nilly what ever I could get in the ground, which is not the way to garden if you want something to grow, though, willy-nilly sometimes works too!

I just placed a couple of small pork tenderloins in the little crock pot, with some new potatoes, and some green beans that I froze earlier this summer for supper.  Its been hard to do meals with all that is going on with parent duty, I swear now that they have reverted back to being young, around 12-15 years old now.  My dad is totally being a butt now, and demands to be home, his doctor has called me several times in the last few weeks to inform me that as he sees his medical info from the care center, that is not going to happen.
He is losing weight by several pounds a week, he's very frail and  he is a terrible eater, he has tantrums, he is a very high risk fall victim and just will not behave in any way, shape or form.  My mother just cannot handle him, and she is bad enough for me to handle as it is now.  I am just so saddened to see both of them basically melt away into nothing.  I am waiting for the doctor's report sometime this week to see if my dad is considered incompetent to make decisions and if so, I will be proceeding on with guardianship of him for now, and mother, later.  D will go with dad on Tuesday to this particular doctor appointment as an extra ear, the doctor did not want me there as he felt it would be a threat to dad that I was doing bad things to him, which I am not, but he just cannot think anymore about anything with common sense.  He thinks that he can go right back to driving, and behaving just as before, and he has even forgotten that he broke his hip, and was even home for those three weeks before he did break the hip, so this is was I am battling now.Onward and upward.

Well,  I smell the supper in the office, and I had better get off my fanny and put the potatoes on and get the beans ready.  Its nice when you have some appliances that help cook dinner and you do not have to stand over the stove and watch. 
I will keep posted on the flooding and water watch.  I have been buzzing around to see if I can find anything on the web for flood water in our state.  My state is not too good at warnings until its almost up on your heels, so I prefer to be alert on my own thank you very much.  Remember Katrina, the gov will not be there for you.

Have a wonderful week to all.
Love and Hugs