Monday, May 20, 2013

Morning in the New Neighborhood

Good Morning Everyone,

Thursday, May 16th.

Well, I am at the computer in my sewing room/office this morning, where I look out over the pasture.  It is cloudy this morning, even had a tiny rain shower move over for a few minutes, just enough to make the sidewalks wet and as it heats up, will make the humidity go up today, and make some thunderstorms bloom up this afternoon.

We are still moving small stuff.  I have had some issues with my parents come up that required me to stop and take care of.  My Dad had a tiny stroke Friday night and he was released back into the care center Tuesday.  He has tiny strokes that have been explained to me as strokes going nowhere.  They hit, cause temporary paralysis for a few hours and then show no damage on MRI's.  I also am going to have my attorney on Friday, go and have them sign over for Power of Attorney, so I can take care of and handle both of their affairs.  My parents have not set anything up for me which makes me angry and has left them and me in a bad position.  I have been after them for several years to take care of things, but they never would.  Now, its time to pay the fiddler and things are in a state of chaos.  I am navigating the Social Services paperwork and the people you work with are humiliating and degrading.  I have already tangled with one woman who talked down to me as if I was a child and I blew her butt.  I told her I was not one of her druggie, clients who does not know what is going on. She just was not sure how to handle this as she told me she has never been talked to like that before, and I told her, "well, its about time you were".  I told her she lives in a sugar-coated world of the government and knows nothing of the outside world or how it works.  She backed off and that was the end of the conversation.  I am having the care center where my dad is, help me to submit paperwork on Friday because of her, so I do not have to put up with her insults.

I hired someone to mow and trim the folk's yard.  I just cannot handle two households, including lawns.  It is getting better as we are not running as much, but it will be better, once we are done moving, and then finishing the old trailer and painting and re-carpeting the place.  We just get very tired in the late afternoon, and we are not young anymore to do what we used to do.  It will get done though, and will be finished.

About a week and a half ago, we had tragedy at my folk's home with several of their kitties.  This broke my heart, but we found out that they had a rouge possum, a very large male kill two of their kitties.  This creature literally shredded their bodies and ate them.  I knew raccoons did this, but had never encounter a possum doing this, but I do remember that they get into chickens.   When we found the beautiful kitty they had by the garage, we knew we had a rouge something lurking around.  So I set my traps and the next morning caught the murderous possum.   We then loaded up this rouge and took it out and shot it.  It had developed the taste of pets and needed to be destroyed and it was.  Come to find out, the stupid neighbors next to my parents were feeding them as they thought they were cute, I blew their butts out and told them to never feed wild creatures as this is what happens.  They have a two year old and I told them that this big possum would of went after their kid, as it was sick and developed a no-fear toward people.  They are stupid young kids who are in the druggie world and just did not think that wild animals do such things.  Real smart, arent' they.

I will try to post photos but at the moment, I cannot find my USB cable.  Its in a box somewhere, (sound familiar), and when I do, I will post some photos.
Right at the moment, I cannot think of anything else. I will re post later.

Monday, May 20.

Its been raining since Saturday afternoon.  We had some rough thunderstorms roll through, some places around us got very large hail at over 2 inches in diameter.  I am glad we didn't get that, but the air was very chilly so you knew we had hailstorms around.  It dropped the temps quite a bit and it was in the 50's. The wind blew around 60 mph and then later in the night, we had several more storms roll through and the lightening is pretty close and sharp.  I was up and could not sleep, the animals were nervous about the storms and being in a new place, it makes me not sure and uneasy.

Where we are at now, its dark, as we do not have much street lighting.  The front has street lights but the back is pure country, with the open pasture and so when I take the dog out at night, I have a flash light and I don't stay out too long.  I know we have critters, its just you do not know where the critters are at. Funny thing  is, we had critters where we did live also, so its not different, but its just more dark out here than I am used to.  We are going to put up our motion detector lights up soon, and it will make it a little better.

I could not sleep, so I am working on this post.  It is currently raining again.  I mowed the grass in the front Sunday afternoon, but my city grass cart was totally full when I finished, so I have to get another grass cart for the back.  Bummer.  The yard we have is large and with the rain we have been getting, its growing, This year, not much is going to get done.  I would like another raised garden bed, but that is not in the plans this year.  I would like to put in some dwarf fruit trees, but again, not this year.
Its supposed to rain most of this week, so we are hoping to get what we can moved and work at the old place and get it ready.  We have a plumbing problem that has come up so that needs to be fixed.  My attorney that is handling the moron owner is going to request an extension and I will pay extra for the extension.  We have come across a few things that need to be taken care of, so I guess if moron wants his trailer rent ready, he'll have to put up with the extension.

I still cannot find my USB cable, its in a  box and I am still searching.  I have a few photos I would like to post. I hate this when you move and everything is in boxes, even though you mark the boxes of contents, you still cannot find anything.  I got my china buffet put back together, with all of the contents, and did not break anything, which shocked me.  I am now in the process of washing things, towels, linens, and putting everything away.  I have good linens that I need to wash, and iron and put away, but that will be later.

We got NetFlix added to the TV.  Generally I am not a TV fan, but I enjoy movies, westerns, and the action adventure movies, so we got that, and I do enjoy it.  Its our entertainment and we do not go out so its been nice.  Lately, I have been unable to sit down and watch any TV period, with all that has been going on.  Just a few days ago, I got to the nursery's to get garden plants, which, by the was was pretty poor pickings, but I did get some things. Again, this year is going to be a year of unpredictable things going on, so I am not planning much of anything.

Well, its about 3:30 am on Monday, and I had better get a little sleep.  I will try to post more as I have time this week.

Hugs to All


  1. It is difficult to deal with people in various gov't agencies. Exasperating as they are, I suspect they have learned a few responses by rote and don't really know how to respond when challenged.
    I think that little room over-looking the pasture is going to become your sanctuary--your place to rest and think.

  2. It is so good to hear from you Denim. I love it that you can look out into a pasture from your sewing room/office. I love it hat you have a nice home with some land, and are no longer living in the hellish mobile home park. I hope you get the trailer fixed up and all that taken care of so it will be out of your hair. Do I understand that you are going to be renting it out?

    Sorry to hear about your folks and having to deal with gov't. workers. Sorry too about the kittens and the rogue possum.

    Hope you find your USB cable soon.

    Have a nice week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Can you not put your camera card directly into a little slot (marked SD) in the computer?

    Good to hear you've moved, sounds like one lot of stress is behind you. I'm like you; if anyone talks to me as if I'm some stupid child, they get my full venom.

  4. I thought I had left a post here, but my computer's been playing up lately. I am SO pleased that you are settling in to your new home. It sounds like a dream come true for you. I hope your parents aren't causing you too many traumas and worries, but perhaps even if they are, you are finding it easier to cope now that you are in a much better home, with fewer stresses.

    I like to think of you happy, and looking across pastures, with birds singing . . .