Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well Folks,  It's 35* this morning.  I am sure trying to send cooler air to all who wish it.  We did have some frost in our lower lying areas but it was pretty cool and very nice sleeping weather.  Then it goes to hot again, with chances of thunder boomers, but generally the boomers aren't (too) bad this time of year. Go figure.

I covered my peppers last night before bed, and just hoped for the best.  I also covered some of my houseplants that reside outside in the summer.  I need to give some of them a spray of organic bug spray before I bring them in, which is a little early this year.  Sometime this week, I will start my greens in my cold frames, and get the plastic ready just in case of frosty mornings, but this is Nebraska.  I will go out later this morning to see if anything got nipped, and then start thinning out the frost bit ones, but I can generally, if I cover the most productive and strong tomatoes, I can, and have gotten tomatoes clear into the middle of November with plastic covers, and some blankets.  I generally get tomatoes for relishes, which is fine, but I have done so on many occassions, it just depends on the weather and just plain luck.

I am feeling much better this morning, be surprised if one gets a good night's sleep and rest, you can generally feel better.  I know what I did too, I just DID too much, canning, drying, cutting, processing, and standing on my feet will generally get to me, but I just do it because I have to.  There is no one else to do it for me.  Thank you for all who wished feeling better, it helped me, so thank you for the well wishes.  I wish I could find a house boy.....Don't think that's going to happen. lol

I still do not have a camera to bring photos to you, hopefully soon.  I would like to get photos of snow, if it snows here this year.  Though I do not want to scare folks who are in the semi-tropic zones.  It  might just really spook them.  I wish that I had a camera last year as we had the 2 blizzards in October, that totaled over 60'.  I could not get out of my house through the doors, both doors were frozen, and the only way I could get out was get the hair dryer and crack the front door a little and then melt the ice around the door, and then take a very long carving knife and slice through the ice around the door enough to push it open.  That was somewhat a little spooky but got it done.  My house is pretty well insulated but those storms had 60 mph winds pushing snow and it was pretty icy also.  Welcome to Nebraska. Not!!!!

Well I need to get to drying some herbs for Farmer's Market.  Since I feel a little better, think I'll try it today and see if I can make a buck or two.
So, everyone, please have a great day, and a great week.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You've been doing a lot there at your place.

    Your chilly weather sounds nice. We had some thunder and lightening last evening, followed by gentle rains off and on through the night and we've had rain today too. The sky is still loaded with rain clouds, so we'll no doubt get more, and I'm thankful.

    Hope your day today is a good one.


  2. Sorry to hear that you were feeling a bit under the weather. This time of year can be so intense if you're living by the seasons and focused on bringing in the harvest and putting it up. It's especially hard if you're doing it on your own. Back in the day, I imagine that whole families and communities would share some of this work load to help make things a little lighter. I guess the important thing is to pace yourself as best as possible and make sure to get those full nights of sleep!

    You're an inspiration. All the best to you!

  3. You are absolutely right about a good night's sleep be great medicine.

    Glad you are feeling better; now don't overdo again. I know easier said than done.

    Hope you do well at the Farmers Market.